Personal Care

Your IVF Patient Facilitator in Cancun, Mexico

sheriSheri Burke is your personal patient facilitator and coordinator for the IVF program in Cancun, Mexico. Her team is here in Cancun to present you with a completely organized and stress free experience.

We offer full ground transportation, meet and greet at the airport, hotel and apartment rentals, concierge service, all appointment scheduling and complete translation services when required.

Our experience with medical tourists combined with IVF treatments in a wonderful relaxed vacation destination, helps patients to relax during their IVF process. Allow us to organize all the details for you
Sheri Burke

Your IVF Information Coordinator

Rebekka-AdkinsHello and congratulations on deciding to expand your family. My name is Rebekkah and like you, I too have suffered the heart break of infertility. Infertility is its own journey of ups and downs with surprises along the way. My husband and I have spent the last 6 years trying to have a family, going through every measure possible. My journey started with finding out I needed help to have a baby. I went through countless Clomid cycles, artificial insemination six times, and finally IVF. The doctors were never available to get in touch with, and the information massive. We spent our entire savings to have a miracle in the United States. Unfortunately for me, it did not happen. I always wished I had some one who had been in my shoes guiding me along the way. I already was very knowledgeable about medicine and finishing my degree in Biology, so researching came easy to me and I was able to help my close friends through their Infertility. I am proud to say I am an aunt to ten beautiful children I helped come into the world. I hope to be able to guide you through this process so you can have as little stress while making a beautiful baby!
Rebekka Adkins

Carrie Hasson,
Hello, my name is Carrie and I have been in your shoes. I have suffered infertility for many heartbreaking years. My husband and I started trying to conceive almost 13 years ago. I heard about IVF-Cancun and the Fertility Clinics via research on In-Vitro Fertilization out of country. We looked out of country because of the waiting lists and high prices here in North America. I also was not happy with how I felt like I was just a number and not a special case, which I feel every woman is. I spoke to a few women who had become pregnant with their IVF treatment and had extensive talks with Sheri and her IVF team. I am happy to say we decided IVF-Cancun was the best fit for us and are now over halfway through our pregnancy! We kept in contact with Sheri and our doctors in Cancun and have built a wonderful relationship with them. Because of our success and the high standards for how we were treated while going through our IVF treatment and after, I have spoke to many women and couples interested in finding out more about IVF-Cancun. I cannot recommend them enough and I hope to help you through the process of making this life changing decision.

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