Egg Donation Mexico

Donated eggs are fertilized with sperm through the process of ICSI and are transplanted into the woman’s uterus using In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. Couples or Clinics choose the egg donors. Egg donor recipients are matched to a donor who shares similar physical characteristics such as eye color, skin color and other attributes.

In Mexico, egg donors are very carefully screened for health and genetic factors. The cost of living is lower in Mexico and the compensation for the egg donor and fertility clinic fees are more economical. For less than $10,000usd, couples are able to choose an egg donor who has previously donated eggs with good results. This improves the chance that egg donation will result in successful conception. Many studies published in the Human Reproduction Journal suggest that infertility treatments using frozen embryos improve IVF success rate. Children conceived through frozenembryos wee less likely be born premature and have a healthier weight at birth and suffer fewer post birth complications. Only the healthies embryos are used in IVF and this improves the health benefits and success.

It seems that a shortage of egg donors is forcing women to travel abroad and to Mexico for IVF. US and Canadian women are are turning to egg donation in Mexico to provide a solution to their infertility problems. Women who are having trouble to conceive are matched with a suitable egg donor by our fertility clinic in Cancun, Mexico and the IVF process goes forward. We are also able to freeze embryos created by your egg donor to have further future IVF treatment options. In Mexico, the cost of IVF treatment is 50% lower than in the US offering patients the option to repeat IVF treatment.

Our egg donors are women between the ages of 18 and 30 who have healthy ovaries and eggs.. Egg donors are carefully screened and couples can look at profiles and photos of potential egg donors. The true success rate of IVF with egg donation and egg donors will vary depending a lot on the age of the eggs, and the retrieval process and about the quality of the semen and the overall health of the woman involved. Younger eggs are selected in most of the cases to better increase the possibility of IVF success. Approximately 50% of couples undergoing egg donor IVF will get pregnant :